Swimwear By Decade- 1920's

In the 1920's swimwear started revealing the body more then ever before. The modern maillot was invented. The adrogynous athletic tank style of the maillot suited the fashions of the 20's as women became liberated from long skirts. Even though they were made in wool jersey and often worn with little booties these suits are the forerunners of the suits we wear today.

This picture is tiny, but the girls here "jazz" up their suits with flapper hats!

Although this pic doesn't actually show swim suits, it is too adorable not to share. Parasols were your best sun protection back then.

I love these ladies!

They have it all, decorated maillots, parasol, hats, and musical instruments.


My "Fashionable History" segment this summer is Swimwear by Decade.

Last week was the 1900's.

Next week, 1930's!

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